Venezuela: The dramatic situation of Lake Valencia (VIDEO)


Lake Valencia, unique endorheic basin of Venezuela, is in a state of metastases with overdue. Floods the city of Maracay and poison the entire population without it really noticing.

The height of 408 meters has been exceeded by 4 meters, meaning that the people around them are acknowledging receipt of the water filtration are literally swallowing buildings and grounds.

About seven thousand families affected by flooding are losing their homes, infrastructure and public services where they are. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. The problem is that there is a mega environmental volcano about to erupt with all its devastating consequences.

Three and a half million people live directly within the basin. Six million people in its area of ​​influence. And 13 million people would be in contact with their suppurations and toxic fumes through the complex system of groundwater in the area, which involves the whole center of the country, including the metropolitan area.

Under the strictest of the omissions and environmental health of our nation’s history, has allowed the biological and chemical contamination the hydric system Pao-Cachinche.

Coliform-rich waters have been given to the entire population. The concentration of organic and chemical sediments is evident. In the tanks of houses and buildings the tar settles.

The levels of aluminum far exceed permissible levels in humans are beginning to make havoc in the mental health of the population where Alzheimer’s disease shows a significant epidemiological feature of growth in the population.

The patient consultations “forgetful” begins to have an influx never before observed. Dermatological and gastrointestinal problems are increasing, and all have a common origin. The degree of pollution have reached the waters are ingested, is causing a silent invasion on the health of all. But no one blames the systemic problem, the quality of water consumed. All the effects observed, but no one thinks of links to find their common root.

If we make a survey of the population of interest in the problems perceived as urgent, about 80% would say that it is personal insecurity, 10% of electricity and 7% access to water.

Then follow the road and unemployment. No one perceived the health problem with the importance it has from the standpoint of the state. It seems that in its interior, the Venezuelan appreciate that health is a personal problem and not public, only it is incumbent on them.

And so we lose the prospect of a safe public space, being that environmental security is at the base of the pyramid of vital interests and the problem of defending life, begins the defense of public health and this is the first duty of the state and as such has to be the first non-negotiable demand of citizens to their administrators.

The bar associations, doctors and engineers from all over Venezuela should take action on the matter together and develop a work of permanent river basin to provide solutions to serious environmental problem in the wetland.

By Santiago Quintero |

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