Environmental impact caused by Illegal mining and the rise of malaria in southern Venezuela

Venezuela used to be a world leader in managing malaria, but is now the only country in Latin America where incidence of the disease is increasin Read More


Colombia proposes world’s largest eco-corridor with Brazil and Venezuela

Colombia has proposed to collaborate with Brazil and Venezuela in creating the world’s largest ecological corridor, to mitigate the effects of climate change and preserve biodiversity, President Juan Manuel Santos announced. Read More


Ecuador: State of emergency for Galapagos Islands after ship runs aground

A state of emergency has been put in place at the famous Galapagos Islands, a week after a cargo ship carrying hazardous materials became stranded. Fuel from the vessel has leaked into the pristine marine environment. Read More


Brazil suffers worst drought in 80 years

The states of Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais must save water, she said after an emergency meeting in the capital Brasilia. Read More

United Cacao -Cacao Tree

Scientists warn investors on cacao company’s forest destruction in Peru

A prominent group of scientists have sounded the alarm over forest clearing by a cacao company in the Peruvian Amazon. Read More


Air pollution in South America began in Bolivia

Silver Mines in Bolivia Were Ground Zero for Pre Industrial-Era Pollution. The earliest evidence of large scale human-produced air pollution found in South America. Read More


Paraguay accounted for the largest share of deforestation in The Gran Chaco Region

According to Guyra Paraguay, The Gran Chaco Region of South America suffered a deforestation of 53,283 hectares during December 2014. Read More


Uruguay to add 300 MW of wind power by end-2015

Uruguay plans to install 300 MW of new wind farms by the end of 2015 and an additional 400 MW next year, according reported Gonzalo Casaravilla, chairman of state-owned utility UTE. Read More


Monsanto are slowly poisoning Argentina

The Monsanto Corporation is one of the world’s biggest agribusiness firms and has a large stake in both genetically modified crops and the pesticides designed to help these same crops stay bug-free. Read More


Imported beavers, minks threaten biodiversity in southern Chile

The proliferation of beavers and minks at Chile’s southern tip – a legacy of a failed attempt to establish a fur industry – threatens biodiversity in one of the world’s most pristine corners. Read More

NASA study shows global sea ice diminishing

NASA study shows global sea ice diminishing, despite Antarctic gains

Sea ice increases in Antarctica do not make up for the accelerated Arctic sea ice loss of the last decades, a new NASA study finds. Read More


Was 2014 The Hottest Year On Record — Or Not?

NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) reported that 2014 has been the hottest year on record, naysayers have criticized the report as being exaggerated and distorted. Read More


World Economic Forum 2015 Ranks Water Crises as Top Global Risk

For the first time, water crises took the top spot in the World Economic Forum’s 10th global risk report, an annual survey of nearly 900 leaders in politics, business, and civic life about the world’s most critical issues. Water ranked third a year ago. Read More

Arctic- permafrost-methane

According new study: Arctic Emitting Methane For Over Two Million Years

The Arctic Ocean has been seeping methane for longer than humans have been roaming the Earth, according to new research published in Geophysical Research Letters. Read More

Alaska-Arctic-National Wildlife-Refuge

Obama Protects Alaska Wildlife Refuge, while Opens Drilling in Arctic and Atlantic

President Barack Obama has designated 12.3 million acres as wilderness in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, also announced he would open the Atlantic Ocean to drilling and would sell more oil and gas leases in Arctic waters. Read More