Canada: Poaching and the illegal wildlife trade threaten Ontario turtle populations

Turtle populations in southern Ontario are under threat by poachers, who sell the critters on the black market as aquarium novelties or for the dinner plate. Read More


Climate Change a Direct Threat to US Cities

Harsher storms, worsening flooding and rising seas threaten the public’s safety and health across the country, President Barack Obama warned recently as he urged local communities to prepare for the effects of climate change. Read More


Mexico City Bans Use of Animals in Circus Acts

Mexico City’s government has enacted the legislation approved by the Federal District Legislative Assembly banning the use of animals in circuses in the capital, a measure that was criticised by the industry. Read More


Narco-deforestation: Drug traffickers are slashing and burning the forests of Central America

A new study shows that drug smuggling in Central America is causing a significant increase in the rate of deforestation. Read More


New data sends wake-up call on Caribbean reefs

Marine environmentalist Eli Fuller, who for the past two decades has been exploring the coastline of Antigua and Barbuda, warns that while there has been “dramatic changes” to coral reefs since he was a little boy, “it’s getting worse and worse.” Read More

quema para siembra de la malanga  lenin cardozo

Blue Environmentalists Foundation denounces Frito-Lay relationship in deforestation of the Sierra de Perija – Venezuela

A research, exploration and a subsequent report carried out by the Unique Authority of Environment of Zulia state, Lenin Cardozo, engineer, demonstrates the complicity of the transnational Frito-Lay, a subsidiary of Pepsico group on the deforestation in Venezuela. Read More


Drug lord’s rogue hippos taking over Colombia

When we think of invasive species, things like kudzu and zebra mussels come to mind, but Colombia may be facing a threat from a much larger species. Thanks to the fanciful whims of one of the most ruthless criminals in history, African hippos are running amok in the South American country. Read More


Ecuador: Oil company breaks agreement, builds big roads in Yasuni rainforest

A new report based on high-resolution satellite imagery has uncovered that the company Petroamazonas, has flouted the agreement’s conditions, building a massive access road, at least one permanent bridge, and cutting more forest than was permitted in Yasuni National Park. Read More


Brazil’s World Cup also a test bed for climate change

Beyond the spectacle of 32 nations battling for the greatest prize in football, the World Cup is also a test bed for tackling climate-damaging carbon emissions from major events. Read More

Blue Channel 24 Green Economy Not Taking Off in Latin America

Peru is one of the first countries to develop “green economy”

Peru will be one of the first countries in the world to adopt the initiative Partnership for Action on Green Economy (PAGE), announced the Andean nation’s Labor and Employment Promotion Ministry. Read More

Blue Channel 24 Bolivia’s Mother Earth Law Hard to Implement

Bolivia’s Mother Earth Law Hard to Implement

The Framework Law on Mother Earth and Integral Development for Living Well, in effect since Oct. 15, 2012, outlines principles for making a shift from classic development models to an integral model “in harmony and balance with nature, recovering and strengthening local and ancestral knowledge and wisdom.” Read More

Blue Channel 24 Flooding in Paraguay sends thousands fleeing to shelters

Flooding in Paraguay sends thousands fleeing to shelters

After days of heavy rains helped swell the Paraguay and Parana rivers, floodwaters sent an estimated 30,000 families to local shelters so far, the government said. Read More


Uruguay says 84 per cent of country’s energy is generated from renewable resources

Uruguay’s government said hat 84 per cent of its energy last year came from renewable sources. The small South American country has been pushing for an energy diversification policy focused on developing wind and solar energy since 2008. Read More

Blue Channel 24 In Argentina Passes Controversial Environmental Law Provincial

In Argentina Passes Controversial Environmental Law Provincial

Protests continue in Córdoba after last night’s approval of the province’s controversial new Environment Law. Dozens of demonstrators vocally shared their disapproval of the law, and their manifestations turned violent, leading to 26 arrests and dozens of injuries, including some ten police officers. Read More


Chile to sign up to UN fish stocks agreement

The government of Chile announced it entered into the United Nations accord on conservation and management of straddling fish stocks and highly migratory fish stocks (the so-called 1995 UN Fish Stocks Agreement). Read More