Population of polar bears in Alaska and Canada has decreased by 40 percent

A large population of polar bears in Alaska and Canada has decreased by 40 percent since the start of the new millennium, new research shows. Read More

united-states-to-give-$3-billion-to- climate-fund

United States to Give $3 Billion to Climate Fund

President Obama announced recently that the United States will contribute $3 billion to a new international fund intended to help the world’s poorest countries address the effects of climate change. Read More


Mexico, third place worldwide in animal abuse

In Mexico, a million pets are being abused by beatings, neglect and poor nutrition, among other abuses, so it is necessary to equate these actions with the crimes of rape, injury, murder and abandonment, to specify the various sanctions that correspond to each act. Read More


Central America is characterized by vulnerability to climate change

Central America today stands out among all regions of the world for its high vulnerability to disasters associated with climate change causes concur representatives of these countries and international organizations. Read More


Sea level rise threatens small Caribbean islands

The small islands of the Caribbean are among the first to suffer from the rise in sea level, which for them will have a disastrous effect immediately, since 99.9% of its tourist infrastructure are on the coast, and even will threaten its existence. Read More


Blue Environmentalists Foundation complaints DEFORESTATION up to 90% of the original mass of forest in Venezuela

The deforestation for decades sustained a 90% loss of forest cover, place the Zulia region as the most impacted by uncontrolled logging. Read More


There are 1,178 plants and 395 animals on the edge of extinction in Colombia

Out of the 35,476 species of wildlife that live in Colombia, 395 are threatened, the total of 27,881 plant species, 1,178 are threatened. Read More


Experts praise the world environmental policies of Ecuador

Specialists from various countries agreed in praising Ecuador’s environmental policies, a nation of acknowledged biodiversity considered the global benchmark for the preservation of flora and fauna. Read More


Brazil: the Gray Dolphin may be at risk of extinction

The sharp increase in the number of dolphins killed this year in the Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro further aggravated the situation of this cetacean species, and species considered threatened. Read More


Peru lost 40 percent of glaciers in 40 years

More than a third of the surface of glaciers in Peru’s Andes mountains lost in the last 40 years, according to a study by the National Water Authority (ANA -in spanish) recently presented. Read More


Bolivia will punish violence against animals but not their ritual sacrifices

Bolivia is preparing a law to protect animals that will punish their perpetrators with penalties of up to six years in prison, but does not prohibit slaughter in indigenous rituals, officials said. Read More


Deforestation destroys 35 hectares per day in Paraguay

Between January and July 34.8 hectares per day is the average of deforestation in the country. Read More


Uruguay acts decisively to prevent lead exposure

Lead exposure cuts across all social classes in Uruguay. In recent years, there have been a growing number of cases of lead poisoning related to indoor exposure to leaded paint in middle and upper class neighbourhoods. Read More


Pesticide illness triggers anti-Monsanto protests in Argentina

Monsanto herbicides and pesticides are drifting into residential communities and seeping into water sources, farmers are using the chemicals without proper protective gear and discarded pesticide containers are being used to store water and other farm goods. Read More


Invasive species a growing threat in Chile

In the Huilo Huilo reserve in southern Chile, invasive-species experts got together last month for the country’s first national meeting on invasive species in protected areas, to try to tackle the problem. Read More