Blue Channel 24 Earth Day 2014 Green Cities

Earth Day 2014: Green Cities

Earth Day 2014 will focus on green cities, mobilizing a millions of people to create a sustainable, healthy environment by greening communities worldwide. Today, more than half of the world’s population lives in cities. Read More


Canada begins brutal annual seal Hunt

The Canadian government doesn’t seem to want to let go of the country’s increasingly unprofitable and unsustainable annual seal hunt, which is the largest slaughter of marine mammals on the planet, according to Humane Society International (HSI). Read More


Study: mercury contamination affects even fish in national Parks in United States

National parks in the Western United States and Alaska are some of the most pristine landscapes and waters on the planet, yet results of a four year study indicate that mercury contamination affects fish even in these protected areas. Read More


Wildlife in Gulf of Mexico still suffering four years after BP oil spill: report

The BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico caused dangerous after-effects to more than a dozen different animals from dolphins to oysters, a report from an environmental campaign group said recently. Read More


Mysterious disease killing thousands in Central America

There’s a growing suspicion that agricultural chemicals may be the x factor behind the epidemic. A 2012 study found that two toxic metals — cadmium and arsenic — may be responsible for the spike in cases there over the past 20 years. Read More


Conservationists are murdering invasive fish to save the Caribbean

The fish are native to the Indo-Pacific, but were accidentally introduced to this side of the globe a few decades ago. They’ve since established themselves around the southeastern U.S., the Caribbean, and Central and South America. Read More


Venezuela: Ministry of Environment Evaluates Proposed Regional Shelters for Endangered Species

The Directorate General of the National Office of Biological Diversity (ONDB) is evaluating the possibility to build the proposed Shelter Network for Endangered Species. Read More


Colombia Approaches a Point of No Return in Loss of Biodiversity

Facing the reality of disappearing ecosystems, decreasing populations and the extinction of species that the country is dealing with, it is time for the Colombian State’s decision-makers to implement actions immediately in order to stop this devastation before it is too late. Read More


Ecuador faces vote on Yasuni park oil drilling in Amazon

Environmentalists in Ecuador say they have collected enough signatures to have a referendum on whether the Yasuni National Park in the Amazon should be opened to further oil exploration. Read More


Brazil Sees Promise, But Need For New Funding Source For REDD

Cosmetics giant Natura and a few other forward-thinking companies in Brazil have taken the leap into the voluntary carbon market to offset their greenhouse gas emissions, but the number and size of transactions is still small. Read More


Peru: Animal rights groups protest living conditions of dolphins in captivity

The two dolphins of 26 and 22 years old, whose names mean ‘water’ and ‘air’ respectively, were at Los Delfines from 1997 to 2010. Then the hotel was closed and they were moved to a dolphinarium in La Herradura in Chorrillos, where they live in two connected pools, each 7m in diameter and just under 10 m deep. Read More


Brazilian Dams Accused of Aggravating Floods in Bolivia

Environmental organisations are discussing the possibility of filing an international legal complaint against the Jirau and Santo Antônio hydroelectric dams built by Brazil, which they blame for the disaster that has already cost 59 lives in Bolivia and material losses of 111 million dollars this year, according to the Fundación Milenio. Read More


Mysterious Epidemic Slowly Killing a Paraguayan Tribe

A tribe of indigenous people are under threat from an epidemic sweeping through the forests of Paraguay. Read More


Uruguay: Rabies Outbreak Strike Cerro Largo Farms, 25 Animals Dead

An outbreak of rabies has hit two farms in the Cerro Largo Department of Uruguay recently, according to the World Organization of Animal Health (OIE). Read More

mono-aullador-marrón-(clamitans guariba alouatta)

Will yellow fever drive brown howler monkeys to extinction in Argentina?

Although habitat loss and other human impacts have contributed to the populations’ decline, a new report published in’s Tropical Conservation Science, indicates that yellow fever outbreaks in the region are primarily to blame. Read More